Winner, winner, chicken dinner

What a great day it was today. I cannot believe how far I have gotten in my game.

First, we had that great big war against those other people who had a problem with one of my allies. For those that do not know, in With Your Destiny there are different kingdoms. Mine is one of the best and strategically place domain in the whole land.

Like any good ruler, you have to make friends and coordinate with those other nations in close quarters. My brother and I work together, to bring many people together. It works to because we have allies all over the game. There is almost no place, where we can go that we are not welcome.

Our ties and plans have really made us impenetrable. You should see how everyone just do whatever we ask.

We rule our land with a mixture of anger, sternness, and a dash of kindness. Not to mention the need to be rich and own a lot of land. Just like in real life.

Yesterday we had our small battel against the gargoyle and a warlock. I still do not know what they thought trying to step to my brother and me. We are so awesome and amazing. A force to be reckoned with.

Boy, did we smear those people. Between my brothers, our friends, and me. After about a minute or two of battling, those other people realized that, there was no way of winning.

In addition, they conceded!

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