Tips for WYD

After months of playing With Your Destiny, I have finally made it to the Golden Dynasty level. Man, did it take me a long, long time. With the help of my brother, I was able to acquire the right amount of wealth, develop skills to work, and sharpened my army’s killer instincts.

If you want to make it to this high level in the game, really it is the baller level to be at. As soon as I made it, there was so many different opportunities and secret lairs opened that I did not know that it was even possible. I mean who knew about the secret world of fairies located behind the waterfall. Only those on the Golden Dynasty Level.

If you take me advice and do these few things then you will make it to this great and high level in no time at all.

Make Friends

I cannot express how important that you make friends and develop a community. There really is strength in numbers. When you develop relationships and allies, everyone benefits and as a group, the entire community gets ahead.

That is exactly what my brother and I did. After some play I was able to catch up with where he is in the game, then I befriend a few other players. Now here we are.

Gain New Skills

There are different skill sets that you can acquire that will aid in making you money. Trust me you need money in order to grow. Without it, you will never get to the next level. In addition, be a boss like myself.

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