Time to sleep

After my war over the past week, I am just exhausted. I mean I have been at it for over a week. Stargazing and plotting how to win and put fear in all other people on the game. I hope that no other person on this dang gone game will try to push me. In addition, try to take over my kingdom that I have been building for quite some time.

Like I said before the enemy has consented, I have taken over their land and no am the ruler of their people. I love this games and I leave the time spent taken over another person’s entire world. Not for nothing but I kind like being the ruler of a country.

After this week, I am exhausted.

I think I may take a few days from the game and go outside. I mean it is a great day; I should be spent with me doing some outdoorsy thing. Away from my computer. It is time for a break.

What to do now that I am not playing WYD?

Well, the sky is the limit. I have decide to go hiking for a few hours, have dinner at my favorite restaurant with some friends, then end the night with a massage and a new pair of shoes.

Alternatively, maybe I will just take the time to sleep. Since I have been working and gaming I have not been sleeping. In addition, I look horrible. I have bags and rings under my eyes.

Yes, it is decided that I will sleep.

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