The Enemies of my Friends

I am still feeling as though I am on top of the world. Not this game, it is wise to make a few finds, not only do I have my little brother as an ally but I am also accumulating a lot of partners, allies, and friends. All of which will make me and my army stronger and more deadly.

The thing with creating relationship with other people you also acquire their enemies. Now this may not seem like a big idea for those who do not play the game. Those that do know that it can be an award and distavorous.

Just this morning I was checking on my workers to see who was slacking off and who was making me money. I had to take care of a few with a variety of punishments and I reward the majority encouraging a greater and stronger workforce.

However, that is not what I am getting to, what I want to say that while I was checking on my employees I stumbled across a gargoyle and a troll that started speaking some very explicit words.

Taken by surprise, I turned to see who was talking to me INS such a tone and using to such language. Turns out these creatures were an enemy of one of my allies. A warlock on the southwest side of the country. Apparently, they had just been through a war where the warlock overthrew both of their lands.

Now I have a problem that I did not bargain for. Look like it is time to strategize.

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