Moving on up!

Level up, baby! Yes, you are reading this correct; your boy has just been granted a level up and a power increase unknown to anyone in a fifteen-mile radius of my part of WYD Kingman ship. I have even surpassed my little brother who originally got me hook on the wonderful gaming world.

Who knew I could mass such a great empire in such a short amount of time. I mean it is unheard of how far I have gotten over the past week and a half. Not too long ago I was just learning the game, fumbling around like a baby learning how to walk. Now hear I am one of the highest rank players to have ever played the game. What is even more impressive that I did it in an eighth of the time that it took all of these other people to do it?

It is time for me to let everyone in of the little secret. How I became such a dominant force in the With Your Destiny online gaming world. From zero to a hero in what seem like a blink of an eye. My brother just told me that if he had not seen it with his owns eyes he would not have believed it.

In addition, no, I did not use any cheats or secret codes, passages, or forest. Just good old plain strategic playing. Manipulating and maneuvering in such a way that a beast was created.

The number one thing, what really put me over the edge in no time was Money.

Figure how to earn money and gathered as much of it as you can.

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