Its Time

After discovering that I had some newfound enemies I had to warn my friends and allies what I may be facing. That there may be an imminent war on my hands. On our hands. In order to keep the stronghold that we now had on our land that we must come together and fight this group. Give them something that they did not expect.

What is great about this stagey is that my opponents do not know exactly how strong I really am and how long my reach is. However, their testing of my strength will show everyone what I am really made of. I am hoping that this way I can put fear into anyone in the game, that it will scare all others from testing me in such a way.

Now I all have to do is rally my allies and talk to my little brother about my ideas on how to win this challenge. If I win, not only will I save my own land and those of my allies but I will also acquire all that my enemies own and possess. Taking over their kingships.

Oh how I hope to do so, I so hope that I will able to win and expand my kingdom.

Sometimes after I have spent seven or more hours playing me wonder what in the world have I gotten myself into? How could I have done this to myself? To waste so much time playing a game is credulous.

Then I look at my computer and spend another hour.

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