I need a break

I had to take a break today. Lately all I have been doing is playing this all-encompassing game. I mean it seems as if all of my waking moments on the game. I have even miss a day or two of work, just do not tell my boss. It is just too much; I cannot keep living like this.

One more missed day and I will lose my job. What started out as a way to pass time has quickly escalated to an addiction? One that I intend to kick and not fall victim.

My plan is to reduce my time spent on the computer playing WYD. Now when I log on I give myself a time limit. No more than two hours at a time. After that, I must force myself to stop play no matter where I am in my game. Until the next day.

I have even started getting out of the house more and seeing the world. Going out with friends once again, hanging with my brother outside of a virtual world, and visiting my favorite places around town. It is great.

Yes, now is the esteem now more living the life of a hermit? Trapped up in my game room without seeing anyone for hours sometimes days at a time. No missing work, family events, parties, and social gatherings. I must get out and be a real person.

I sometimes worry that I will forget how it is to talk to someone that is in front of me.

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