I Beg to Differ

I love the weekend. I can stay up all night playing to my hearts content. Not having to go to work in the morning turning off my phone and shutting off my connection to the world. I mean I do keep my phone on for emergencies. However, a person will have to call as at least three times before I will answer.

What is even greater than spending so much time online gaming is the time I get to spend with my younger brother? After all these years, it is still a great bonding moment and time for the two of us.

Which goes to show that video games are not all bad. Sometimes the serve as way to uniting a group of people that may have experience a great setback.

Just this morning I read an article on the negative effects on those that play video games excessively. They create addictions to the gamers that make it hard for them to function throughout the day. Making it hard for a gamer to live a normal, run of the mill life. This creates a life of dysfunction.

The article then went on and on about the lack of social skills and interpersonal skills. That is lacking in so many of today’s youth due to the simple fact that we are engrossed in imaginary worlds filled of violence and mayhem.

However, I would like to ask the writer of this article if he or she has ever played WYD. It teaches and cultivates all of the things that he claims we are lacking.

So poo on that writer!

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