A Gamer

As I mention briefly in my about me page, my kid brother put me up on this game. On that day of destiny, I entered his room a concerned and returned a fantasy world gamer to the fullest degree.

My brother was at his computer. However, as I entered his room he turned his attention to me. What can I say we have always had a great relationship, the two of us? As I stood there talking to my brother about our father, his death, and our mom’s concern with his life now. I noticed that he kept glancing at his screen

Now I am a game of sorts, so this did not offend me…well at first it did not. As I continue to talk and he kept looking back at his computer screen, making this strange face. He was wincing every time he glanced at the screen. I mean the dude had real life pain and despair in his eyes. Like something, crucial was happening and I was keeping him from saving the day.

Curious, I ask what he was playing.

Excitedly he explained the concept of the game, what he was trying to accomplished, and his staged to do so. I was intrigue by in depth and detail this game seem to be to my brother. It was as he was in a whole nether world. In which he controlled everything.

Before I know it, three hours have passed with him playing and explaining this terrific game to me.

As soon as I made it home, I downloaded the game, nine years later I am still an avid player.

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