A Cold Night In

Since I have return to playing With Your Destiny after a day of a hiatus. I am back and in full affect. No turning back, let us face I love this game and incant leave it alone nor will it leave me. Whenever I try to get away from it just take over my life, thoughts, both waking and sleeping. By breaking up with my game, I literally started having dreams of the game and its people. Everything I did I would imagine doing it in the actual game. Yes, it was quite pathetic.

Therefore, I stop trying to fight and just gave in. Now I back into my beloved fantasy world taking over kingdoms and lands. Well my little brother, and me he never stopped playing. Which is great, because my game was still saved and he even expanded it.

Last night I was up developing and maintaining my magnificent gaming life. When I noticed that, I felt something extremely cold. On my naked back. Then I realized that it was not just my back but my entire body was cold. For real, it was legitimately freezing in my house.

As I paused the game, I went downstairs to check my thermostat. Before going to bed, ok let us be honest before climbing into my bed and playing WYD.   The thermostat was risen from seventy degrees to seventy-three degrees. Overnight my area of the country was expected and received a major winter storm. Filled with eight inches of snow, sleet, ice, and below zero temperatures.

One word artic freeze, well that is two words. Anyway, it was cold. That means a bump in the thermostat.

This was all crush when I went down stairs and noticed that my thermostat was in fact working. However, the temperature of the house read sixty-three. Which means that my heating system must be on the fritz. This lead to scheduling an appointment with JR HVAC Team via their simple to use website www.jrhvacteam.com.

After some finagling I was able to have a heating technician sent to my home to check out the furnace. It is entirely too cold for anyone to be out in the cold. Alternatively, in my case in the cold.

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