Since I have return to playing With Your Destiny after a day of a hiatus. I am back and in full affect. No turning back, let us face I love this game and incant leave it alone nor will it leave me. Whenever I try to get away from it just take over my life, thoughts, both waking and sleeping. By breaking up with my game, I literally started having dreams of the game and its people. Everything I did I would imagine doing it in the actual game. Yes, it was quite pathetic.

Therefore, I stop trying to fight and just gave in. Now I back into my beloved fantasy world taking over kingdoms and lands. Well my little brother, and me he never stopped playing. Which is great, because my game was still saved and he even expanded it.

Last night I was up developing and maintaining my magnificent gaming life. When I noticed that, I felt something extremely cold. On my naked back. Then I realized that it was not just my back but my entire body was cold. For real, it was legitimately freezing in my house.

As I paused the game, I went downstairs to check my thermostat. Before going to bed, ok let us be honest before climbing into my bed and playing WYD.   The thermostat was risen from seventy degrees to seventy-three degrees. Overnight my area of the country was expected and received a major winter storm. Filled with eight inches of snow, sleet, ice, and below zero temperatures.

One word artic freeze, well that is two words. Anyway, it was cold. That means a bump in the thermostat.

This was all crush when I went down stairs and noticed that my thermostat was in fact working. However, the temperature of the house read sixty-three. Which means that my heating system must be on the fritz. This lead to scheduling an appointment with JR HVAC Team via their simple to use website

After some finagling I was able to have a heating technician sent to my home to check out the furnace. It is entirely too cold for anyone to be out in the cold. Alternatively, in my case in the cold.

What can I say, I have a problem. As soon as I try to get out, there just something that sucks me, back in. It is like whatever I do, I just cannot help but come back to this game, this way of life. Someday I will be able to walk away without looking back. Moving forward with my life, going on to the next game, hobby, or something in my life.

However, that day is not today. Today I returned to my love of the game. After I promised my Moher and myself that, I will quit this game and try to do something else with my time. I really intended not to return to this world of fantasy great reality online gaming.

Now here I am, I started when I made it home from work today at four thirty, now it is almost midnight and I am still on this game. What is crazy is that I have no end game. I do not want to quit and I will not quit, mostly because I believe that I cannot quit. The flesh is weak.

After the battle of the lifetime that I was in all last week, I bellied after that amount of time I spent playing. The entire week, only seven hours of sleep. Who knows how I was able to function at work. It is amazing I did not burn the entire building down trying to heat up a veggie burrito in the microwave.

After my war over the past week, I am just exhausted. I mean I have been at it for over a week. Stargazing and plotting how to win and put fear in all other people on the game. I hope that no other person on this dang gone game will try to push me. In addition, try to take over my kingdom that I have been building for quite some time.

Like I said before the enemy has consented, I have taken over their land and no am the ruler of their people. I love this games and I leave the time spent taken over another person’s entire world. Not for nothing but I kind like being the ruler of a country.

After this week, I am exhausted.

I think I may take a few days from the game and go outside. I mean it is a great day; I should be spent with me doing some outdoorsy thing. Away from my computer. It is time for a break.

What to do now that I am not playing WYD?

Well, the sky is the limit. I have decide to go hiking for a few hours, have dinner at my favorite restaurant with some friends, then end the night with a massage and a new pair of shoes.

Alternatively, maybe I will just take the time to sleep. Since I have been working and gaming I have not been sleeping. In addition, I look horrible. I have bags and rings under my eyes.

Yes, it is decided that I will sleep.

What a great day it was today. I cannot believe how far I have gotten in my game.

First, we had that great big war against those other people who had a problem with one of my allies. For those that do not know, in With Your Destiny there are different kingdoms. Mine is one of the best and strategically place domain in the whole land.

Like any good ruler, you have to make friends and coordinate with those other nations in close quarters. My brother and I work together, to bring many people together. It works to because we have allies all over the game. There is almost no place, where we can go that we are not welcome.

Our ties and plans have really made us impenetrable. You should see how everyone just do whatever we ask.

We rule our land with a mixture of anger, sternness, and a dash of kindness. Not to mention the need to be rich and own a lot of land. Just like in real life.

Yesterday we had our small battel against the gargoyle and a warlock. I still do not know what they thought trying to step to my brother and me. We are so awesome and amazing. A force to be reckoned with.

Boy, did we smear those people. Between my brothers, our friends, and me. After about a minute or two of battling, those other people realized that, there was no way of winning.

In addition, they conceded!

I had to take a break today. Lately all I have been doing is playing this all-encompassing game. I mean it seems as if all of my waking moments on the game. I have even miss a day or two of work, just do not tell my boss. It is just too much; I cannot keep living like this.

One more missed day and I will lose my job. What started out as a way to pass time has quickly escalated to an addiction? One that I intend to kick and not fall victim.

My plan is to reduce my time spent on the computer playing WYD. Now when I log on I give myself a time limit. No more than two hours at a time. After that, I must force myself to stop play no matter where I am in my game. Until the next day.

I have even started getting out of the house more and seeing the world. Going out with friends once again, hanging with my brother outside of a virtual world, and visiting my favorite places around town. It is great.

Yes, now is the esteem now more living the life of a hermit? Trapped up in my game room without seeing anyone for hours sometimes days at a time. No missing work, family events, parties, and social gatherings. I must get out and be a real person.

I sometimes worry that I will forget how it is to talk to someone that is in front of me.

After discovering that I had some newfound enemies I had to warn my friends and allies what I may be facing. That there may be an imminent war on my hands. On our hands. In order to keep the stronghold that we now had on our land that we must come together and fight this group. Give them something that they did not expect.

What is great about this stagey is that my opponents do not know exactly how strong I really am and how long my reach is. However, their testing of my strength will show everyone what I am really made of. I am hoping that this way I can put fear into anyone in the game, that it will scare all others from testing me in such a way.

Now I all have to do is rally my allies and talk to my little brother about my ideas on how to win this challenge. If I win, not only will I save my own land and those of my allies but I will also acquire all that my enemies own and possess. Taking over their kingships.

Oh how I hope to do so, I so hope that I will able to win and expand my kingdom.

Sometimes after I have spent seven or more hours playing me wonder what in the world have I gotten myself into? How could I have done this to myself? To waste so much time playing a game is credulous.

Then I look at my computer and spend another hour.

I am still feeling as though I am on top of the world. Not this game, it is wise to make a few finds, not only do I have my little brother as an ally but I am also accumulating a lot of partners, allies, and friends. All of which will make me and my army stronger and more deadly.

The thing with creating relationship with other people you also acquire their enemies. Now this may not seem like a big idea for those who do not play the game. Those that do know that it can be an award and distavorous.

Just this morning I was checking on my workers to see who was slacking off and who was making me money. I had to take care of a few with a variety of punishments and I reward the majority encouraging a greater and stronger workforce.

However, that is not what I am getting to, what I want to say that while I was checking on my employees I stumbled across a gargoyle and a troll that started speaking some very explicit words.

Taken by surprise, I turned to see who was talking to me INS such a tone and using to such language. Turns out these creatures were an enemy of one of my allies. A warlock on the southwest side of the country. Apparently, they had just been through a war where the warlock overthrew both of their lands.

Now I have a problem that I did not bargain for. Look like it is time to strategize.

Level up, baby! Yes, you are reading this correct; your boy has just been granted a level up and a power increase unknown to anyone in a fifteen-mile radius of my part of WYD Kingman ship. I have even surpassed my little brother who originally got me hook on the wonderful gaming world.

Who knew I could mass such a great empire in such a short amount of time. I mean it is unheard of how far I have gotten over the past week and a half. Not too long ago I was just learning the game, fumbling around like a baby learning how to walk. Now hear I am one of the highest rank players to have ever played the game. What is even more impressive that I did it in an eighth of the time that it took all of these other people to do it?

It is time for me to let everyone in of the little secret. How I became such a dominant force in the With Your Destiny online gaming world. From zero to a hero in what seem like a blink of an eye. My brother just told me that if he had not seen it with his owns eyes he would not have believed it.

In addition, no, I did not use any cheats or secret codes, passages, or forest. Just good old plain strategic playing. Manipulating and maneuvering in such a way that a beast was created.

The number one thing, what really put me over the edge in no time was Money.

Figure how to earn money and gathered as much of it as you can.

I love the weekend. I can stay up all night playing to my hearts content. Not having to go to work in the morning turning off my phone and shutting off my connection to the world. I mean I do keep my phone on for emergencies. However, a person will have to call as at least three times before I will answer.

What is even greater than spending so much time online gaming is the time I get to spend with my younger brother? After all these years, it is still a great bonding moment and time for the two of us.

Which goes to show that video games are not all bad. Sometimes the serve as way to uniting a group of people that may have experience a great setback.

Just this morning I read an article on the negative effects on those that play video games excessively. They create addictions to the gamers that make it hard for them to function throughout the day. Making it hard for a gamer to live a normal, run of the mill life. This creates a life of dysfunction.

The article then went on and on about the lack of social skills and interpersonal skills. That is lacking in so many of today’s youth due to the simple fact that we are engrossed in imaginary worlds filled of violence and mayhem.

However, I would like to ask the writer of this article if he or she has ever played WYD. It teaches and cultivates all of the things that he claims we are lacking.

So poo on that writer!

After months of playing With Your Destiny, I have finally made it to the Golden Dynasty level. Man, did it take me a long, long time. With the help of my brother, I was able to acquire the right amount of wealth, develop skills to work, and sharpened my army’s killer instincts.

If you want to make it to this high level in the game, really it is the baller level to be at. As soon as I made it, there was so many different opportunities and secret lairs opened that I did not know that it was even possible. I mean who knew about the secret world of fairies located behind the waterfall. Only those on the Golden Dynasty Level.

If you take me advice and do these few things then you will make it to this great and high level in no time at all.

Make Friends

I cannot express how important that you make friends and develop a community. There really is strength in numbers. When you develop relationships and allies, everyone benefits and as a group, the entire community gets ahead.

That is exactly what my brother and I did. After some play I was able to catch up with where he is in the game, then I befriend a few other players. Now here we are.

Gain New Skills

There are different skill sets that you can acquire that will aid in making you money. Trust me you need money in order to grow. Without it, you will never get to the next level. In addition, be a boss like myself.